Our LSC Communications

LSC Communications Europe

LSC Communications Europe started operations in early 1990s, with the objective of serving the European market out of our UK and CEE locations in Poland and Hungary. For over 20 years we’ve grown to include print & bind, premedia & digital, packaging and turnkey solutions.

The first facility LSC Communications opened in Europe was the print plant in Kraków, Poland in 1992. Just a year later the group acquired a translation and localization provider, which is now one of the world’s leading language solutions providers.

Our LSC Communications

In 2001 LSC Communications adds a new green-field facility in Kraków to the mix, and in 2005 expands even further with the acquisition of Poligrafia S.A. and it’s two printing facilities. Additional locations in Hungary, with a European-wide sales and customer care teams allow the company to become the second largest printer in Europe.

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