2001 marks the beginning of the Premedia business in Europe. Strategically located in the vibrant Polish capital, it started with just 6 people supporting key accounts. In 2004 relocated to a much bigger office with state-of-the-art security and connectivity, to allow for further growth. The team has expanded to over 100 professionals with diverse background, education and experience.


The first chapter of the Premedia work in early 2000s is around helping US customers successfully launch their magazines and catalogues in Central and Eastern Europe. Not an easy task with the DTP still in infancy, custom-tweaked fonts to allow for local character sets and just basic connectivity levels.

Mid 2000s mark a burst of DTP, internet service and very fast-paced race of publishers and retailers to supply the ever-growing demand of the growing regional economies. Premedia expands the team, moves to a much bigger office and heavily invests in technology to support the growth. Within a few years the Warsaw team is busy preparing and managing files for major technology clients, financial firms as well as magazine and catalog clients. Up to 58 language versions, thousands upon thousands of images and documents every day. 2003 ISO 9001 certification helps the team move swiftly yet with a highest possible level of consistency and security.

Since 2010 the omnichannel world emerges. Premedia expand into digital. Native iOS apps, Android apps, Adobe DPS, Aquafadas, Instant Magazine… The world is no longer linear and simple. Warsaw’s project management capability comes in handy.

The photography studio start doing tabletop fashion photography for one of the top global brands in 2012. In 2013 we expand into 360° product videos, corporate videos and animations.

2015: the R&D team is formed to make sure Premedia do not rest on laurels and constantly updates the offering with new services.

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